(Resident Managed Organisation in Camden)

Abbey Road Community Housing Ltd is a Resident-managed organisation that provides a range of management and maintenance services with the permission of the landlord, in this case the London Borough of Camden. This arrangement is protected by a document called the Management Agreement.

Annual Report 2020/21
AGM 2018 / 19
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What does the Management Committee do?

The Management Committee is responsible to the members for the overall running of the estate.Members of the Committee meet every month to ensure that staff run the Estate properly on a day-to-day basis and to make policies in line with the Management Agreement. Management Committee members are responsible for:-

  • Employing staff
  • Deciding how money is spent on the Estate
  • Ensuring the estate is kept clean
  • Overseeing the way that repairs are organised
  • Improvements which take place on the Estate (within financial constraints).
  • Holding estate manager accountable

You can ask to attend a Management Committee meeting or write to the Management Committee at any time.

Resident Participation