Abbey Area Phase 2

In October 2013, Outline Planning Permission was granted to redevelop the area around the junction of Abbey and Belsize Roads including Abbey Co-op estate.

This consultation is focussed solely on Phase 2 and relates specifically to the provision of new Community and Health Centres, a GP surgery and new Abbey Co-op office.

The planning permission requires us to establish a comprehensive landscape and public realm strategy working in conjunction with Camden highways officers.

These boards set out our initial thoughts as to how this might all be delivered. They show a different approach to the past but they aim to balance the broad comments that have been received to date. We welcome your comments.

Abbey Road Housing Co-operative Phase 2 Sky Shot

It is proposed that Abbey Area Phase 2 will include:

  • Improvements to the entrances and storage floors to Snowman and Casterbridge House
  • A new office and hall for Abbey Co-op
  • A new Abbey Community Centre
  • A new Health centre
  • Improved green spaces and play areas
  • A strategy for existing and new tree planting
  • Improvements for pedestrians both to the pavements and crossings between Phases 1; 2 and 3.

The ideas presented on the banners have been the subject of Consultation with the Co-op and Community Centre groups and also with Camden Planning and highways teams.

Abbey Area Phase 2 Birds eye view

Birds eye

Abbey Area Phase 2

Abbey Road Belsize Rd Junction looking North​

Abbey Area Phase 2

Existing open space

Abbey Area Phase 2

Community Centre from Belsize Rd

Abbey Area Phase 2

Birds eye view

Abbey Area Phase 2

Existing tower blocks from Abbey Road

Abbey Road Phase 2

Phase 2 site, Snowman and Casterbridge

Abbey Road Phase 2

Community Centre looking East

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