Abbey Road Community Housing Ltd is a Resident-managed organisation that provides a range of management and maintenance services with the permission of the landlord, in this case the London Borough of Camden. This arrangement is protected by a document called the Management Agreement.

This means that our residents are either Council tenants or leaseholders although the Co-operative undertakes most of the estate management and maintenance services.

Abbey Road Community Housing Ltd was established in July 1992, as residents living on the estate believed they could improve estate management.Previously the running of the estate was the sole responsibility of the Council.

The Co-operative is a society of residents. Membership is open to all tenants and leaseholders aged 18 years and over.You can become a member at any time by buying a share in the society. A Share costs £1.00 and entitles members to the following:-

  • to attend General Meetings and vote on policy issues
  • to elect a Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting
  • to stand for election to the Management Committee

A Management Committee made up solely of residents who live on the estate governs the Co-operative.Committee members are volunteers and do not get paid from the operations of the Co-operative.

Abbey Road Community Housing Ltd are a member of National Federation of Tenant Management Organisation. For more information on the Federation click www.nftmo.com